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Mollie Sober

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Hello friend, and how do you do? This small website Welcomes you!

Here’s a quick bio so you know something about me.

“God is Great” is the first book I have published.

I am a retired special ed teacher (or should that say a really tired special ed teacher?). I taught children who experience severe multiple disabilities for 20 years, also preschool special ed and regular preschool, as well as Adult Basic Education and Adult English as a Second Language classes. So I taught in one form or another for nearly thirty years.

I am the mother of four, and our grandchildren currently number ten. I work in our children’s church program, grades 1-6, I love the children and really enjoy interacting with them, though some of them are ornery and others quiet, I love them all.

I love to read and write, cook, craft, garden and play with our dog, Annie. I live near Cheney Lake,Ks. with my husband of 37 years and our youngest daughter. We live in a an area rich in the beauty of God’s gracious, glorious creation!